Nekteck Solar Lights Outdoor Review

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Whether you are looking to enhance your outdoor security or add an extra touch to your landscape, solar lights are the perfect addition. The products on the market come in a large variety, which allows you to decorate your outdoors with class, matching your design and creating the welcoming ambiance you have been looking for.

We’ll tell you why the Nekteck Solar Lights Outdoor is one of the great choices available today.

Nekteck Solar Lights Outdoor Review


All your landscape lighting requirements can now be met with only one product. Nekteck Solar Lights create a welcoming, warm ambiance outside while giving you freedom in decorating. They are highly adjustable, have adjustable brightness and they can be turned on automatic mode for auto-sensing the darkness/day.

These two-pack lights make use of 4th generation solar lights and panels to ensure that you benefit from the best experience, using 200-lumen LED solar lights to keep your landscape well-lit in all conditions.

Who is this product for?

This product is extremely versatile. It can be useful for anyone looking to decorate or enhance the security of their driveway, paths, garden, and more. They are extremely resistant to frost, snow, rain and any other unfavorable weather conditions (except tornadoes — nothing does well in tornadoes).

What is included?

The package contains all you need for quick and easy installation of the product: the 2 lights, spikes, manual and screws.

Overview of features

This set of outdoor spotlights pack into a tiny case, all you could ever expect from your outdoor lights. It comes with adjustable lights so that you can light the exact areas you like, and an adjustable panel so you can benefit from the sun’s energy. Highly efficient, these solar lights have a sensor that automatically turns them on or off when they sense the sun rising or dusk. The brightness can be adjusted between high light and dim light for the best experience.

After they are fully charged during the day, using only solar energy, with no wires or power outlet needed, these spotlights work up to 6-10 hours. Although they can be set up to be lit automatically, you also have the option to turn it on or off manually.

They have a bigger solar panel to absorb more sunshine compared to other products, and they have an LED of 200 lumens for the brightest experience. They can be used either by spiking them into the ground or hanging them on a wall. You can adjust both the solar panel and light head 90 degrees each.

These waterproof solar lights are the best accessory during unfavorable weather, as they are constructed from durable materials to ensure they withstand snow, rain, and even frost so that you can use them all year round.

This 4th generation solar lights pack allows you to benefit from the highest quality spotlights which will improve your outdoor ambiance and cast a warm glow on your pool, yard, garden, driveway or paths.


This product is extremely easy to install. All you need to do is to unpack the lights and leave them for 8 hours to fully charge. After that, you hand stake them into the ground or hang them on the wall. You can adjust the light and the solar panel as desired, with the two knobs attached.

A button on the underside of the panel turns them on, with one push for dim light and two pushes for bright light. The manual mentions to peel the protective films from the solar panels; however, it has already been peeled off; the manual will be updated in the next production process.


  • Automatic solar panel spotlights
  • Adjustable, 2-in-1 with either in-ground spiking or hanging on the wall
  • Perfect all year round
  • Dim and bright light options
  • Waterproof
  • 200 Lumen output LEDs
  • Easy to install


  • Manual is outdated
  • Brightness
  • Quite bulky


LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights


For those of you who still do not like this product, here’s another great product: LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights offers great value at an affordable price while keeping similar features. It is wireless, waterproof, and the perfect addition to your landscape. It is durable and it also benefits from 2 light modes, highly adjustable, and great value for your money.


Overall, Nekteck Solar Lights is one of the best market options out there which helps you to light up your landscape with no cost beyond the initial layout. The solar-powered spotlights are strong and sturdy, extremely durable, and built with high resistance to adverse weather conditions.

Either in-ground spiking or hung on the wall, this 2-pack of lights help you to brighten up the décor while adding a classy touch to it. The warm lights help you lighten up your area with an easy setup, repositioning, and highly adjustable features for the most customized experience.

So now you can enjoy your outdoor spaces during both day and night.

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