How to Clean Solar Panels on Garden Lights

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Maintenance is crucial when it comes to solar panels; all the components, the batteries, and the garden light(s). Dirt and debris often accumulate on the solar panels when a certain period passes. If the solar panel is dirty it will reduce the amount of light that passes through to the solar batteries.

Cleaning of the solar panels helps to remove dust, pollen grains, bird droppings, dirt, and all forms of hindrances because solar batteries can more easily access direct sunlight and convert the energy thereby maximizing output.

When they are cleaned professionally, it increases efficiency by 12% as compared to those cleaned by rain or self-clean. However, if you would like to clean your solar panels, this is how.

How to Clean Solar Panels on Garden Lights

It is essential if the solar is on the roof to use a stable ladder or safety equipment. Always remember to turn off the equipment before cleaning.

Don’t use hard or mineral-rich water to clean as it may damage the panels. Read any recommendation of cleaning in the product instructions for specifics. After ensuring all this, you may go ahead with the cleaning.

The cleaning should be done early in the morning before it starts getting hot or on a cool day.

  1. Create a solution of soap and water.
  2. Get a microfiber cloth, soft brush, sponge, and squeegee to help in the cleaning process.
  3. Hose off the panels to wet them down, this will remove any loose dust and dirt on the surface
  4. You should then take your soft brush together with the soapy solution and scrub down the solar panels.
  5.  If there are any hard spots you need to try and remove using your finger or allow soap to soak on the surface for a minute then wash again.
  6. Do not use any metal objects, detergents, or harsh abrasive products to remove spots on the materials. This can lead to scratching on the glass that will reduce performance and lead to shadows being formed.
  7. If there are any oily stains, alcohol can be used as a spot-cleaning substance.
  8. Ensure you wash all the surfaces and leave no surface untouched
  9. Rinse the panels thoroughly starting from the top and allow water to flow to the bottom.
  10. Use a soft cloth to remove all the excess water and leave no water spots when it dries.
How to Clean Solar Panels on Garden Lights

Mechanical Maintenance

Another kind of maintenance you can do is to disassemble the solar panel and see the inside components and whether they are all in a good state. If there is any water that might have seeped through ensure to dry it up. Check the battery to see if it is correctly connected to the metal receptors. If the connectors seem corroded, you can gently scrub to remove the rust on the surface.

Also, check for chewed wires or conduits in the panels and the light fixtures.

However, you should do the mechanical maintenance before you clean with water or after it has already dried, but not at the same time.

You should read the instructions that come with the solar panel package for any other specific measures for maintenance. In the case that the solar panel is on the roof you may call professional solar panel cleaners for your safety.

How to Ensure Your Solar Panels Last for a Long Time

  • The first thing is to keep them clean, which will help increase the efficiency of the solar panels.  Where you stay will determine how often you will clean the solar panel. They should be cleaned at least once or twice a year professionally and this will help generate 3.5-5% more electricity. However, wiping once in a while is not bad whenever it is dusty. Rainwater is also effective for cleaning solar panels that are tilted
  • Keep them out of the shade; the environment should remain as it was when you first installed the solar panel. Shade can prevent enough rays from reaching the solar panel
  •  Keep monitoring the panels once in a while. A green light is on means it’s okay if is flashing you may consult the manual. It is essential to check how well it is and how drastically it has changed
  •  It is also important to have a record of the panels’ performance every day. Ensure to check how the light lasts, if it is dim, and so on. This will even help you to note when the battery is about to die


Solar panels need to be maintained for them to last you for 25 to 40 years according to the manufacturers. They are cost-effective as compared to generating electricity that often leads to a huge bill to pay.

Before purchasing, check the reviews of various customers and also find one that can easily adapt to your residential area. Follow the cleaning procedure well and your solar panel will not easily wear out.

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