Best Solar Shed Lights of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Any space with easy access to sunlight can benefit from free electricity by reducing the running costs of lighting fixtures.

If you have a tool shed, a garage, a patio, or even a garden, you can keep them bright and functional using the best solar shed lights.

As innovations in solar technology continue to improve, solar-powered devices are becoming more and more user-friendly and affordable.

Since you’re here, you’re probably in the market for good-quality solar-powered shed lights.

We have made things easier for you by compiling the five best products we can find.

To make things brighter in your shed using free electricity, read along and choose the features that suit your needs.

Comparison Chart

51FugsCV tL. SL500
JACKYLED IP65 Waterproof Outdoor LED Shed Light
51L7pzmmV1L. SL500
JACKYLED Solar LED Pendant Lights for Shed
41Yr8BdjzmL. SL500
Tera Light – URANUS Solar LED Light
51XqXH6AFaL. SL500
YINGHAO Solar Lights
41Xvy9Pd0aL. SL500
Aqonsie Solar Pendant Lights

Best Solar Shed Light Reviews

1. JACKYLED Double Head Solar Pendant LED Lights

51FugsCV tL. SL500

The JACKYLED Double Head Solar Pendant LED Lights are high-quality, easy-to-install, and easy-to-use solar-powered pendant lamps.

Both lights offer exceptional brightness, giving you the light you need.


The JACKYLED Double Head Solar Pendant LED Lights comes with two 6.6-inch diameter round lamps, each having a black durable ABS plastic case.

Its solar panel has 24 cells, and it measures 6.88 by 10.43 inches.

The set comes with two 16.4-foot power transfer cables so that you can position the solar panel to receive enough sunlight every day.

  • Four Lighting Modes With Motion Sensor

The JACKYLED Double Head Solar Pendant LED Lights can operate using four lighting modes.

Both the LED lights have built-in motion sensors for modes one and two.

Mode one allows constant dim lighting, and the lights instantly shift to maximum brightness as soon as the sensors detect movement.

If you do not need the constant dim light, you can choose mode two, which allows the lights to shift from power off to maximum brightness as it detects motion.

Mode three enables continuous lighting at night, while mode four turns the lights on even in the daytime.

The four lighting modes are not always operational.

Modes one and two motion-sensing functionalities will only work at night or when the solar panel is in darkness.

You can opt to cover the solar panel or disconnect it from the lights to make modes one and two work anytime.

  • Remote Control Operation With Six Brightness Levels

The JACKYLED Double Head Solar Lights also comes with remote controllers, one for each of the LED lights.

With remote functionality, it doesn’t matter if you install these solar lights high on a pergola or on the roof eaves of your shed.

Aside from the ON and OFF controls, the remote controllers have one push button for each of the four modes.

Additionally, you will find two more buttons for changing between six brightness levels.

One button increases the brightness while the other decreases it.

At maximum brightness, each lamp can produce 600 lumens using 56 LED beads.

  • Solar-Powered LED With Rechargeable Batteries

The LED lamps hold built-in rechargeable batteries, each having a capacity of 4400mAh.

Enjoy continuous illumination for eight to ten hours as long as you let the solar panels collect sunlight for at least six to eight hours.

With solar-powered batteries, you can have a long-lasting solution for energy cost-cutting, ultimately reducing electricity bills.

Furthermore, shifting to solar-powered lighting will help lessen the use of plant-generated electricity, allowing you to benefit the environment.

  • Portable Functionality

The JACKYLED Double Head Solar Pendant LED Light is its own system.

You do not need additional wiring, and you can bring the set with you anywhere you go.

While you may have mounted the solar panel to receive enough sunlight, it can be easily detachable from its stand.

You won’t be needing any tools as you can effortlessly unscrew the wing nuts with your fingers.

Its highly portable feature makes it perfect for camping trips and outdoor occasions.

There is no need to bring additional batteries because all you need is the power of the sun.


  • Two lamps allow variegated positioning
  • Separate remote controls enable easy switching anytime
  • Very affordable 1200-lumen solar-powered lamps
  • Dust-proof and water-resistant
  • Flexibility with four operation modes
  • Dimmable using six brightness levels
  • Lighting fixtures and solar panel have an IP65 rating


  • Modes one and two unusable while the batteries receive an electrical charge
  • One set may be inadequate for spaces exceeding 100 square feet

2. JACKYLED Surface-Mount Gooseneck Solar LED Lamp

51L7pzmmV1L. SL500

While JACKYLED offers portability with the Double Head Lamp, it also gives you an option for a more permanent solar-powered light.

The JACKYLED Surface-Mount Gooseneck Solar LED Lamp is an excellent option for a more permanent installation.

It also offers remote control functionality with variable options.


The JACKYLED Surface-Mount Gooseneck Solar Light has a 36-bead LED lamp running at a total of 18 watts and offering a maximum brightness of 2,160 lumens.

The 18-watt bulb comes with a 9.65-inch reflective lampshade.

Its solar panel measures 7.48 by 11.42 inches, larger than the solar panels of other solar shed lights.

The set comes with a 26-foot long power transfer cable.

  • Dual Working Modes

The JACKYLED Surface-Mount Gooseneck Solar LED Lamp features two working modes: auto and constant lighting.

In auto mode, the LED lights turn on using a light sensor.

As the area becomes dimmer and darker, the LEDs will spring to life.

The constant light mode allows continuous lighting operation at any time of day.

  • Remote Control Operation With Timer and Dimmer Functionality

The JACKYLED Surface-Mount Gooseneck Solar LED Lamp also comes with a remote controller.

For remote control coverage, the manufacturer recommends a maximum operating distance of eight meters.

The remote control functionality features an ON and OFF button and an AUTO button for the dual working modes.

Additional controls include a timer setting for continuous operation between one and eight hours.

You can dim the LED beads using three preset brightness levels, or you can press the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease brightness.

  • Solar-Powered High-Capacity Battery

While the JACKYLED Surface-Mount Gooseneck Solar LED Lamp only has a single 36-bead LED bulb, it comes with a 6000mAh rechargeable battery.

This high-capacity battery allows the LED bulb to provide 100% brightness for a maximum of eight hours.

For continuous operation at 30% brightness, the light will last for up to 12 hours.

  • 360-Degree Bendable Gooseneck

This solar shed light does not offer portability.

Its surface-mounting attachment only gives you the option to affix it to a wall or a ceiling, making it double as a wall lamp or a pendant lamp.

However, its stainless steel flexible gooseneck enables you to direct the lamp and its shade to a position of your choosing.

The gooseneck bends in all directions, and you can make it look fancier by twisting it to form a loop.


  • Can be used as a wall light or a pendant light
  • Dimmable using three preset options or through plus and minus buttons
  • Multiple timer settings
  • Lampshade doubles as an umbrella for the lamp
  • Single lamp brighter than the JACKYLED Double Head
  • Both lighting fixture and solar panel have an IP65 rating


  • Fixed-mount installation; does not offer portability
  • Some reports of poor remote control coverage
  • More expensive than the JACKYLED Double Head

3. Tera Light Surface-Mount Swivel-Type Solar LED Flood Light

41Yr8BdjzmL. SL500

For our brightest option, the Tera Light Solar LED Flood Light can provide all the lighting that you need for a shed space.

The light automatically switches on as the night falls unless you use one of the four lighting modes.


The Tera Light Solar LED Flood Light fixture measures 6.00 by 4.00 by 2.00 inches, and it offers 3,000 lumens of bright light from its 30-watt LEDs.

The included solar panel measures 7.1 by 7.7 inches, and it also has an adjustable stand for optimum angular incidental sunlight reception.

Like most of the products presented here, the Tera Light Solar LED Flood Light comes with a power transfer cable.

This cable allows you to install the device on a surface in an outdoor or indoor space of your choice.

That said, this power cable only extends up to 12 feet, making your options for indoor installation very minimal.

  • Four Lighting Modes With Functional Indicators

The Tera Light Solar LED Flood Light offers four lighting modes: M1, M2, M3, and T.

M1 produces 50% brightness at 1,500 lumens for five hours, and it shifts down to 10% brightness at 300 lumens until dawn.

If 1,500 lumens is too bright for you, you can choose M2 for 30% brightness at 900 lumens for the first five hours.

After five hours, the M2 also shifts down to 10% brightness with 300 lumens until dawn.

You might also want a constant dim light in a pre-selected area for the whole night.

M3 enables a constant 20% brightness at 600 lumens for the duration of the battery power.

The T function stands for timed operation. At T-mode, the Tera Light Solar LED Light floods an area with a full 3,000 lumens bright light continuously for two hours.

You can check which mode currently operates on the device using the color-coded LED indicators.

M1 lights up as red, M2 turns green, and M3 shows up as an orange indicator.

For T-mode, the LED indicator flashes green ten times.

  • Remote Control Operation for Four Functions

The Tera Light Solar LED Flood Light comes with an infrared remote control that allows you to select from the four lighting modes.

If you don’t want to use the four preset modes, the remote control also has six buttons around the ON and OFF controls for choosing the lighting brightness.

  • Solar-Powered Ultra-Durable Batteries With Power Level Indicator

The Tera Light Solar LED Flood Light gets its power from three 2,600mAh Grade-A lithium batteries.

This rechargeable power source amounts to a total of 7,800mAh, the largest offering among all the choices on this shortlist.

The device even gives off power level signals using its battery charging LED indicators.

A green light means that the battery is at over 70% capacity, while a red light means nearing depletion at lower than 30%.

If the battery light indicator shows an orange LED, it means the battery power is between 30 and 70%.

  • Swivel-Type Directional Lighting

The Tera Light Solar LED Flood Light has bolt-attachment brackets for installation on flat surfaces.

You can install it on a wall, a ceiling, or on a sloped flat surface.

The lighting fixture attaches to these brackets through hinges, allowing you to tilt the light face in two directions.

The brackets are long enough to let you swivel the lighting fixture in a 180-degree sweep.

However, the mounting brackets sacrifice portability for this device.


  • Powerful, affordable solar light
  • Several remote control functions
  • Provides the brightest light among the choices
  • Convenient LED indicators
  • The lighting fixture comes with a 12-month warranty
  • IP65 rating for lighting fixture and solar panel


  • Permanent installation; doesn’t offer portability
  • Only two choices for directional lighting
  • Minimal distance for indoor use

4. YINGHAO 4-Bulb Solar Pendant LED Lights

51XqXH6AFaL. SL500

The YINGHAO 4-Bulb Solar Pendant LED Lights offers a power source for your small gadgets in addition to lighting.


The YINGHAO Solar Panel Pendant Light set includes four LED bulbs, each with its own 16.4-foot power cable and switch.

There are two two-watt bulbs and two one-watt bulbs.

The included solar panel measures 9.5 by 13.2 inches, by far the largest solar panel among all the choices.

For power transfers and central control, the set comes with a 6.3-inch by four-inch controller.

  • Four Movable Light Bulbs With Individual Switching

You can hang each bulb at different locations as long as the power hub has a central location and the solar panel receives adequate sunlight.

The set also allows you to choose which lights to keep on and which ones to turn off.

If you keep the two two-watt bulbs on and the others off, the power can run for eight hours.

With the two one-watt bulbs running and the others switched off, the supply power can go on for a maximum of 13 hours.

Alternatively, if you run all the bulbs simultaneously, the system can run for a full five hours.

  • Multi-Functional Power Transfer Hub

The controller houses the rechargeable 6,000mAh battery.

It has four 3.7-volt USB out ports for the LED light bulbs, a charging port that connects to the solar panel, and an extra five-volt, two-ampere USB port for charging your devices.

You will also find a main power button on the controller, right beside the battery level indicator.

The battery level indicator displays a green light at a capacity of 75% and up.

Between 50 and 75%, the indicator shows an orange light. At low power between 25% and 50%, you will see a red light.

If the built-in battery power goes below 25%, the controller does not display any light color.

While the controller attaches to any flat surface, you can mount it using Velcro pads.

That way, you can make the YINGHAO Solar Panel Pendant Light set fully portable.


  • Multiple lighting fixtures for wider coverage
  • Four lighting fixtures do not have to run simultaneously
  • Control hub allows gadget charging
  • Charges a smartphone up to five times at full capacity
  • Transferrable lighting fixtures


  • No remote control functionality
  • Most expensive of all the options
  • Only the solar panel has an IP65 rating
  • Not dimmable

5. Aqonsie Adjustable 4-Leaf Solar LED Light

41Xvy9Pd0aL. SL500

Last but not least is the Aqonsie 4-Leaf Solar LED Light.

It offers the same complete functionality as the JACKYLED Double Head but only comes with one portable lamp head.


The single pendant lamp head of the Aqonsie Solar LED Light has four angle-adjustable light panels.

Each light panel measures 3.5 by 3.9 inches, and its adjustment feature allows tilting of 120 degrees around pivot screws.

With 128 LEDs, the Aqonsie 4-Leaf Solar LED Light can provide 1000 lumens of illumination.

The solar panel measures 4.7 by 7 inches, and the included power transfer cable can cover a distance of 16.4 feet.

  • Three Lighting Modes With Motion Sensing

The Aqonsie 4-Leaf Solar LED Light offers three lighting modes using a built-in motion sensor at the center of the lighting fixture.

With the first mode, you can set the lights in constant dim brightness, and the sensor automatically shifts the lights to high brightness upon movement detection.

The second mode keeps the lights constantly off and turns them on to high brightness since it detects motion.

Finally, the third mode keeps the motion sensor inactive and the lights in constant dim brightness.

  • Remote Control for Mode and Brightness Level Selection

You won’t have to worry about installing the Aqonsie 4-Leaf Solar LED Light in a high position.

It comes with a remote control that lets you choose between the three modes.

Additionally, the remote allows you to adjust the brightness level using the plus and minus buttons.

  • Portable Solar-Powered Lighting Solution

Like the JACKYLED Double Head, the Aqonsie 4-Leaf Solar LED Light has its rechargeable battery built into the lighting fixture.

With the detachable power transfer cable, you can bring the lighting fixture anywhere with you as long as the built-in battery holds power.

The bolt-attachment bracket doubles as a carry handle and a swivel-stand, enabling you to position it anywhere.


  • Cheapest among the options
  • IP65 rating for solar panel and lighting fixture
  • Adjustable lighting panels
  • Brightness level selection allowed
  • Detachable cables allow maximum portability


  • The remote control does not include batteries
  • Maximum 1000 lumens

Wrapping Up

If your objective is to bring adequate lighting to a fixed position in a shed, the best solar shed light option is the Tera Light Surface-Mount Swivel-Type Solar LED Flood Light.

It can produce an outstanding 3,000 lumens, and its swivel-type attachment lets you flood a specific area with light.

However, if you want to transfer lights between spaces, you can opt to get the more portable JACKYLED Double Head or Aqonsie Four-Leaf.

Alternatively, your shed can benefit from accent lighting that some outdoor solar lights can sufficiently provide.

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